“I made such great progress coaching with Tim that my team and manager noticed the difference. He helped me improve the way I communicated with my team and peers to take my performance and my entire team’s performance to the next level. I will be forever grateful!”   

– Jutta Reinhold, Banking Manager

Your Simple Plan to Personal Success

Success stories all start with the decision to succeed.  Regardless of where you are today, make the decision to succeed.  Download your Success Roadmap Workbook and get started today.

Use the Focus 5 Method, Book, and Mobile Application to gain the best advantage while working toward your goals.  Hire a coach if possible.

Stay committed to your Personal Success Roadmap.  Use all of the Focus 5 Advantage tools and you will be well on your way to achieving your goals and becoming EXTRAORDINARY 3 to 10 times faster.

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I am committed to helping you improve your productivity and results by 3 to 10 times by working smarter not harder.

  • Are you feeling like your career has been going nowhere?
  • Are you working harder in your business but can’t seem to make any more money?
  • Does your team seem to be spinning its wheels….leaving you feeling less than productive?
  • Are you yearning for work that is more meaningful?
  • Are you desiring work that gets you excited to go to work every day?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Tim Scholten, former Sr. executive in banking, entrepreneur, author and success coach.

I have helped hundreds of people solve their planning, focus and productivity problems with my proven 8 Step process. What makes me unique is that I developed this process during a critical time of change and found it to be so effective that I implemented across all the teams I worked with and since have used it with consulting and coaching client to radically improve their results.

This process is so good, that people using it have not only become successful, but have become Extraordinary. Their performances have reached “Industry Leading Performance”.

If this is your first time visiting my site, be sure to download “Your Free Success Roadmap Workbook”.

In this free workbook, I give you the same exact 8-step process that I have used for over 20 years to help teams, individuals, business owners and banks reach extraordinary achievements.  Countless times I have coached individuals and teams to reach higher achievement levels than competitors who were 3 to 10 times better funded, better staffed, and with more experience.

The secret was in using our proven 8-step process, over and over.

When you download your personal Success Roadmap Workbook and follow the steps, you will be well on your way to achieving more success than you have ever experienced.  Each of the 8 steps in the workbook gives you room to write out your personal success details as you are learning what it takes to be more successful.

This 8 step process works for any kind of individual, in any industry, and in any set of goals.  You can even begin to see the results in your first week as you stick to your plan.

In your personal Success Roadmap Workbook you will discover:

  • the way to finally get satisfaction and recognition for your hard work
  • the secret “A” word that can help you achieve up to 3 times more
  • hidden success sabotages that are keeping you from achieving more
  • personal behavioral patterns that are helping and hurting your success
  •  the simple secret sauce that successful people use every day to ensure they win
  • and much more. . .


How Tim’s coaching helped me become one of the best in my industry

In just 90 days, Tim Scholten’s coaching and strategies helped me triple my sales.  In 18 months, with his continued coaching, I became one of the top achievers in my industry, nationwide.  I believe his simple, yet powerful focus strategies can help you too!

– Kevin Kelling, Mortgage Lender