Mortgage Origination Coaching

If you want to launch a successful career as a mortgage originator, take your existing mortgage career to the highest possible level of achievement, or equip your loan officers to double or triple their sales, then you need a proven system of focused disciplines to facilitate rapid, consistent sales. Many coaches speak about success principles, but few offer trackable, actionable execution strategies and a proven mortgage sales behavior accountability system, software and mobile app that aligns your activities, helps you maintain laser-like focus, and break through personal barriers to reach peak sales performance, year after year.

Tim Scholten has been a seasoned bank executive, entrepreneur and coach, building high-performing teams and coaching individuals to achieve best-in-the-nation results in mortgage originating, business growth and sales achievement. For over 30 years, Tim Scholten continues to be one of the nation’s most seasoned mortgage orignator coaches, specializing in helping individuals with little or no experience launch successful careers in the mortgage lending arena, and coaching experienced individuals and teams to maximum sales achievement levels. Tim is a sought-after speaker, consultant and coach. His best-selling book, Focus 5 Advantage, Empowering You to Achieve Amazing Results, is available on

Tim is available to speak to: Banks, Corporate, Entrepreneurs, NPOs
Topics for Keynotes, Seminars and Workshops

  • Mastering Mortgage Origination  – The ART of Generating Unlimited Referrals – develop unstoppable momentum with daily / weekly success habits and the Focus5 Methodology and Mobile App
  • Get Off the Roller Coaster – Creating your Unique Success Rhythm – Master Your Rhythm for Consistent, High Achievement as an individual or team
  • How to Double or Triple your Apps – Taking your ART of Unlimited Referrals to the next level
  • Resolve to Evolve – Become The Go-To Lion in a market of Scavenging Hyenas using the Scholten Feedback System

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