The App

The Focus 5 Productivity App was developed by Tim Scholten as a tool to help his clients, students, and his own business partners to achieve their very best, regardless of industry, age, or pursuits.

Take back control of your productivity!

-Create more time
-Get more done
-Reach your potential with Focus 5

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5 Reasons you’ll love Focus 5

Focus on tasks
Plan, prioritize and FOCUS on the key tasks that will ensure your week is a success!

Connect with colleagues
Share and align your priorities with key business partners to ensure you are FOCUSED on the right things.

Communicate easily
Encourage and support your team members with feedback on their plans and accomplishments with messaging inside the app.

Analyze your performance
View performance results graphically. Learn when you are more and less productive. Track and compare your Focus Rating over various time periods.

Run reports
Track and report your accomplishments. Keep the boss informed of your progress. Get and give better performance reviews with clear and concise results data!

Manage your organizations users

The Account Admin can invite users to join your organization’s Focus 5 account individually or via a group invitation.

All that is needed is an email address to invite users.

Once users are enrolled, you are able add, delete and invite new users within your plan limits. If you need to modify your plan to include additional users, just increase your subscription to the next level and your billing will be adjusted for the following month.