Stop wondering “if” this year will be successful.

Get my 8-step coaching process that has helped thousands of ordinary people achieve extraordinary results for over 20 years!

Why most people need a success coach to achieve their best.

If you’re tired of not achieving the level of success you know you deserve, start Focus5 Coaching with me today.

This powerful coaching process will teach you the simple, repeatable 8-step process that is proven to help you break through hidden success barriers, hit your goals 3 to 10 times faster and achieve the success you deserve.

  1. Create a Vision Statement that will focus your goals and motivate you to success.
  2. Develop your compelling “WHY” that will change the way you approach each day
  3. Build your 3 to 5 year winning strategy with reachable goals that will inspire you toward success
  4. Set your weekly action plan with tools that will clear the clutter and help you win 3 to 10 times faster
  5. Get valuable feedback from tools that will help you maximize your weekly production and eradicate success stealing habits
  6. Employ accountability through Focus5 methods that will guarantee up to 30% better results.
  7. Leverage weekly coaching insights to improve focus and get results faster
  8. Release the power of Feedback tools to maximize what works and minimize what doesn’t.

Every piece of the Focus5 Advantage process that we employ together will multiply your success while reducing the time and effort you invest to achieve your goals.

In just 90 days, Tim Scholten’s coaching and strategies helped me triple my sales.

In 18 months, with his continued coaching, I became one of the top achievers in my industry, nationwide.

I believe his simple, yet powerful strategies can help you too!

– Kevin Kelling, Mortgage Lender

Your Simple Success Plan

1.  Select your coaching plan

2.  Create your personal “Success Roadmap”

3.  Use the proven Focus5 tools and methods

4.  Achieve your best success

Your Success Roadmap That Helps You Achieve Extraordinary Results!

The 8 Steps That Will Help You Achieve Your Best Success

Too many people work hard their entire lives and never realize their full potential.  It isn’t that they are less smart or that they work less than more successful people, in fact, they often work harder than necessary to achieve top performing results.  I have used these 8-steps over and over again for over 20 years to achieve personal success.  I have coached countless teams and individuals to their best levels of success, almost always beyond what they thought possible.

How do all of these ordinary people achieve extraordinary results?  With my coaching, my tools, and these same 8 steps in the Focus5 Advantage Process.

If your plan for this year is to work harder than last year in hopes that you will reach greater success, then STOP!

Doing the same thing, only working harder, may not get you the results you’re looking for.

Start Focus5 Coaching and work SMARTER not HARDER.

There are thousands of books, tapes, seminars and coaches out there charging an arm and a leg using old systems and stolen techniques they “borrowed” from someone else and they often can’t show you their personal success track record.  They promise the sky and deliver the dirt.  They’re glad to sell you another product that will sit on your shelf.

My Focus5 coaching is very different because I have perfected the Focus5 Advantage System over 20-plus years experience, coaching businesses, banks, organizations and individuals to extraordinary success levels.  I will be there with you every step of the way, uncovering every hidden barrier, celebrating each break-through and helping you reach the top level of success that you deserve.

The Key is the Coach!

In your Focus5 Coaching sessions we will help you realize what has held you back.  We will also customize the 8 Step Success Roadmap to suit your specific goals and timeline for you or your team.  You don’t have to fill out the roadmap and HOPE it works this year.  I will personally walk you through every step until you get rid of success sabotaging obstacles and build your personal roadmap to success.  Once you master these 8 steps in the Focus5 Process, you will own your success and you will own your future.  Successful people will no longer be a mystery, and you will finally be recognized for your success and the hard work you have invested.

If you don’t have a clear strategy for success, with weekly and daily steps that you are 100% confident will get you to your desired goals, choose your Focus5 coaching plan, create your personal success roadmap with my help, use the Focus5 tools that successful people use, and finally achieve the results that you deserve.

The Roadmap That Will Ensure Your Success Every Time

Learn and master the 8 steps and success tools that have helped thousands of ordinary people realize extraordinary success.  Reach your personal best.  You have worked hard, now get the coaching you deserve and be recognized for your success.


Are you tired of working hard while seeing other people get the recognition and success?

Are you enjoying your career…or not? And, if not. . . why not?​

Do you ever feel that there’s no accountability in your workplace and you’re working your butt off.

Do you sometimes feel that your work doesn’t matter?

Are you yearning for meaningful work. . . work that is recognized by others?

If you are ready to take your career to the next level, and finally get the recognition and success that you deserve, you need a coach.

There’s a common saying among top performers:

“Professionals have a coach, the rest are amateurs.”

You may be a professional and know you need that extra teammate in your corner to help you achieve your personal best.  Or you may be starting a new pursuit and want to be sure you give yourself the absolute best chance for success.

Having a proven success coach on your team is the first and most important step you can take to maximize your success.

I coach people from all walks of life to higher levels of success time and time again because my passion in life is to help others win, and win big!

I currently offer 4 coaching packages

Try us out – Bronze Starter Coaching Package

Have Tim help you or your team get started with Focus5 with a personal 1-hour session to make real progress now.

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Silver Coaching Package

Work with Tim one-on-one on your journey to Extraordinary.  Meet weekly for 1 hour for 6 weeks.  This Option includes a 90 day Free Trial of Focus5 software for your personal use.
$1597.00 (savings of $200)

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Gold Coaching Package

Work with Tim one-on-one on your journey to Extraordinary! Meet weekly for 1 hour for 12 weeks.
This option includes a 1-year Focus5 Subscription for personal use.
$2997.00 (savings of $627)

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Platinum Coaching Package – best value!

Work with Tim one-on-one on your journey to Extraordinary! Meet weekly for 1 hour for 24 weeks. This option includes a single paid life-time subscription of Foucs5 for your personal use.
$5994.00 (savings of $1194)

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